North East South West Signpost Showing Travel Or DirectionOur philosophy is to nurture our culture and make it a top priority in the company, then our associates’ happiness, customer satisfaction, and long-term business partnerships will naturally flourish.  Company culture is derived from its core values and our core values are meant to empower our associates so they enjoy the work they do and the environment they do it in.  We know that when we enjoy what we do, we are in turn delivering exceptional service to our customers and thriving in our business.  To make this happen, we hire and invest in associates that share our core values.
  • Integrity and Honesty:  Be morally and ethically strong and always tell the truth in our personal lives and in business, even when it is difficult for the other person to hear.  There is no such thing as “bad” or “good” news; it is simply the status update.  We communicate early, often, and openly, as this is the best policy to ensure our associates and customers are always informed.
  • Deliver the X-Factor:  Anything worth doing is worth doing eXceptionally.
  • Be Passionate:  We all have passion for our business, our culture, and life – believe in yourself, the company, and what we are accomplishing together.
  • Be Humble:  We believe in a quiet confidence, letting our reputation and quality of work speak for itself.
  • Just Say No to Status Quo:  We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to improve.
  • Respect:  Be respectful of one another and their roles within the company and always be respectful when dealing with customers and partners.
  • Have Fun:  Life is short and you spend most of it working, so make sure you love what you do and have fun with it!!

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