Business Intelligence and Technology Partnerships

cBEYONData has developed formal partnerships with several market-leading technology companies such as SAP, ESRI, VisualCue Technologies and GB & Smith.  Rather than being generalists in the implementation of all business intelligence products, cBEYONData specializes in implementations of our partner’s products.  Our consultants regularly obtain product certifications and we are able to take full advantage of partners’ expertise with their own products for all of our business intelligence technology companies.  Additionally, we have full access to our partners expert technicians and product support personnel.  To this end, we are able to deliver implementations of our partner’s software products with a high degree of quality and success.Check Out Our Business Intelligence and Technology Partnerships  click here


Strategic Alliances

cBEYONData has set up formal agreements with another organizations that also provide services and solutions.  With these arrangements, we are able to drawn upon the collective strength of both organizations and provide more value to our clients.  We are proud to leverage our corporate partnerships to draw upon a larger pool of professional talent, help meet niche requirements specified by our clients, and expand our overall ability to deliver results.Check Out Our Strategic Alliances – click here
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