Services to Provide Better Business Intelligence and Data analytics Solutions

cBEYONData is a management and information technology company focused exclusively on business intelligence, data analytics, compliance reporting, visualizations, geo-mapping and reporting solutions, particularly for the CFO Offices and end-user missions. Our professionals are committed to providing our customers with the vision and expertise to transform your organizational data into actionable information to allow for decisive decision-making capabilities.


Our wide range of services

cBEYONData offers a full suite of services surrounding all aspects of data and analytics to include:

  • Financial Management Solutions
  • Visual Analytics
  • BI, Analytics, Reporting & Visualizations
  • Data Integration & Data Management Expertise
  • Federal Compliance Reporting
  • Performance Management
  • BI Training
  • BI PMO
  • Business Systems Expertise
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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Data and Analytics Services from cBEYONData

cBEYONData Business Analytics

Financial Intelligence & DATA Act Solution

cBEYONData assists organizations with meeting complex financial, budget and performance compliance and reporting requirements while ensuring transparency. Our financial management systems and services (FMIS) that integrate data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of your financial and program information.
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Government Intelligence Rapid-Deployment Solution (GOViRDS) for financial reporting is a qualified rapid-deployment solution based on SAP software that will enable your organization to start quickly generating financial related reports, dashboards, and analysis.
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Analytics and Big Data from cBEYOND

Location Analytics

Location Analytics is the next big step in business analytics. Organizations can dramatically enhance their insights into tabular data by adding geographic location information and visual maps. This type of analytics provides a whole new context that is simply not possible with tables and charts.
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Visual Analytics

Visual analytics combines automatic data analysis with visualization techniques, thus leveraging the strengths of both human and machine. The machine sequentially process large volumes of data and converts them into a visual format rendering a representation that people can perceive and understand quickly and efficiently.
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Analytics and Big Data - cBEYONData

cBEYONData Training

cBEYONData provides customized training based on the customer's environment and data and the market-leading technologies that we implement. We provide training for management, business, government, and technology professionals that is unmatched in the industry. We understand that business intelligence deployments require a high level of education and training for many different types of users.
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Data Warehousing from cBEYONData

Business Process Improvement

cBEYONData’s Business Process Improvement services focus on streamlining processes, improving access to information, and eliminating process waste which improves productivity, decision making, and the utilization of assets and resources.
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Government Business Intelligence from cBEYONData

BI Center of Excellence

cBEYONData has been successful in creating Business Intelligence Centers of Excellence for our customers that merge the strategic role and governance of program management offices, business expertise of subject matter experts, and the technical expertise of systems personnel.
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Data and Analytics for the Business Sector from cBEYONData

BI Project Management Office

cBEYONData recognizes the strategic value that Project Management Offices (PMOs) bring to effectively manage and coordinate enterprise business intelligence initiatives. We have the expertise and knowledge, deploying PMOs at every level of an organization (enterprise, divisional, departmental).
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