BI Center of ExcellencecBEYONData has been successful in creating multiple BI Center of Excellence (Business Intelligence COE) for our customers that merge the strategic role and governance of program management with the business expertise of subject matter experts, and the technical expertise of systems personnel.  The creation and operation of these Business Intelligence COEs has greatly enhanced organizational efficiency to increase the success rates of enterprise business intelligence deployments.  The BI Center of Excellence equips organizations with greater ability to provide governance, manage the technology, coordinate all of the enterprise resources, and direct all of the individual projects.

For too long, individual business units have been constructing their own BI solutions with their own individual information systems, data analytics, visualizations, big data, data marts, and BI architectures.  Now more than ever, organizations need to consolidate their business intelligence solutions.  The Business Intelligence COE has become crucial in the management and oversight of the numerous business intelligence initiatives taking place throughout an organization.

The BI Center of Excellence Combines Architecture, Human Capital, Culture, and Process

BI COE merges the traditional roles and responsibilities of program management offices, functional expertise of subject matter experts, and the technical expertise of systems personnel.  As a result, the BI Center of Excellence allows organizations to leverage best practices and standards, conduct application administration, and provide enterprise wide management of technical and functional resources.  The Business Intelligence COE allows for a single or set of business intelligence products to become an enterprise standard, and the Business Intelligence COE group becomes the primary team for conducting implementations, management, and support of business intelligence and data analytic solutions across an organization.