Business Process Analysis

Businessman writing Business Improvement cycle concept (Pastel tBusiness Process Analysis helps organizations improve how it conducts its functions and business activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of resources, and better support their customers. At cBEYONData, we provide a methodology to review, analyze, and improve existing business processes for customers. Our analysis provides the structure and information needed for the development of new and improved business processes.

cBEYONData believes that there are different tiers of Business Process Analysis that should be conducted in order to provide effective analysis of our customer’s environment. Once these tiers have been completed, we work with our customers to start implementing the best solutions for their environment that will increase productivity and reduce overall costs.


Tiers of cBEYONData Business Process Analysis

Business Process Education

cBEYONData offers a customized training plan to our customer’s project team that demonstrates what is possible with business process best practices for their industry. The training plan is designed for the business users that are part of a team charged with the task to improve business processes with new information technology. Through business process education, the team will learn terminology for the industry, review best practice process flows, and see live demonstrations of software applications in use for their industry.


Business Process MappingBusProcMapping_65439

Business process mapping provides our customers an easy to read view of business processes that are currently in-place in the environment.  cBEYONData will work with organizations in the process identification, information gathering, interviewing, and mapping of processes in their particular environment and provide a detailed view/map into current business processes and ways to improve.


IT Product & Solution Selection


After our analysis, the cBEYONData team employs a business process evaluation methodology to evaluate specific software vendors that will work best with end-users needs.  cBEYONData’s IT Product Selection services are integrated with both cBEYONData’s Business Process Improvement services, Implementation services, and Business Intelligence services. The integration of all of these services makes cBEYONData customer teams more efficient and the overall time to benefit is reduced.