Helping CFOs with their reporting needs

Today’s Federal CFO plays an integral role in financial and performance management and the need for agility, speed, and performance of financial analytics and reports are critical keys to their success. The need to be agile is further heightened as external compliance reporting such as the DATA Act and GTAS reporting are vital parts of the CFO’s responsibility. CFO Control Tower is a toolkit solution that enhances financial systems to ensure the CFO can immediately, reliably, and accurately meet their financial reporting requirements internally and externally for compliance.


Traditionally, accessing analytics and reports out of financial systems means enabling staff to manually produce data for reporting. This approach delays end users access to the most recent data, limits the ability to mine the data being produced, and creates an over reliance on lagging performance measures. cBEYONData’s CFO Control Tower provides pre-built components and a proven service delivery process that provides right now financial analytics and reports accurately, predictably, and affordably. The CFO Control Tower is a combination of:

  • Over 100 pre-built financial, procurement, budget, and other standard Agency reports.
  • More than 20 pre-built analytics such as Open Obligation Dashboard and Status of Funds analysis tools
  • 10 Metadata Layers (universes) used to bring together the complex view of multiple financial data bases
  • Pre-built Data Models (for Oracle and SAP Hana) used to aggregate all the disparate data
  • System routines used to gather, cleanse, store, and analyze data for GTAS and DATA Act Reporting
  • Four Packages of Pre-built data extraction tools (ETL’s) for Momentum, FPDSNG, USA Spending, and NFC

CFO Control Tower consists of pre-built components, content, and collateral that consolidates disparate financial systems to produce reports, alerts, and analytics delivered through a single integrated toolkit solution.



cBEYONData’s CFO Control Tower includes all of our components, content and collateral. 

There is NO additional FEE for the toolkit.


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