7514914cBEYONData assists the office of the CFO with meeting complex financial, budget, performance and compliance reporting requirements while helping to ensure the organization is providing accessible and transparent financial information.  We can work with your existing Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) to integrate data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of your finance, grant and program information. As part of our CFO Control Tower solution, we provide a rapid-deployment solution for Government Intelligence Financial Reporting (GOVi) that enables agencies to implement a fully integrated financial reporting solution in months, not years.  Armed with a single source for information retrieval and consumption, financial teams, program offices and management can access information to make better decisions, enforce compliance or increase operational efficiencies.

Our team works to improve, not just automate, your financial and budget information systems. Using our past experiences, cBEYONData helps clients understand their current state, both in technology and process, and access to data.

How Can We Help?

  • Improve financial reporting and analysis processes.
  • Review current technology and assist in building a to be environment.
  • Build a 24×7 anywhere, anytime, any platform environment to meet all user needs.
  • Design and build an effective dashboard environment.
  • Assist in the requirements, design and development of Financial and Budget & Procurement reports.


cBEYONData specializes in the CFO’s Office data integration, data quality, analytics, and reporting needed to help Agencies meet their Government-wide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted (GTAS) and Digital Accountability Transparency Act (DATA Act) compliance requirements.

cBEYONData customers utilize our solution for both GTAS and DATA Act reporting compliance. While data elements and reporting formats vary, the foundation and processes of the solution prove to be a robust, documented, and industrial strength solution for GTAS, DATA Act, and future Treasury reporting.


Benefits of the cBEYONData DATA Act Solution


DATA Act Solution

cBEYONData’s DATA Act solution creates a common data structure across multiple systems and requires no code changes or upgrades to your existing systems. As a result, our solution provides Agencies with improved data management by providing:

  • Data Integration from disparate systems to a compliant DATA Act view of the data
  • Data Quality Framework to parse, match, cleanse, consolidate, and monitor data quality
  • Analytics and Reporting capabilities to mine data and produce pre-submission reports on the DATA Act
  • Create efficiencies to make DATA Act reporting effective and re-usable for other CFO Office requirements


See our DATA Act Solution to learn more.