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cBEYONData is a professional services firm focusing on business analytics, data, visual and geo-mapping technologies and implementations. Our Team of highly skilled consultants will successfully design, execute and guide you through the implementation of your solution.  With more than 20 years of experience in the business intelligence arena, we know the key to a successful implementation is to tailor the solution to the customer’s specific needs (requirements).  Our iterative and agile approach to achieving deliverables and project success is based on our proven best practice implementation methodologies and extensive toolkit of project delivery templates.

Location Analytics – The Next Big Step in Business Analysis

ESRI Map Demo PictureOrganizations can dramatically enhance their insights into tabular data by adding geographic location information and visual maps. Maps and location analytics provide a whole new context that is simply not possible with tables and charts. This context can almost immediately help users discover new understandings and more effectively communicate and collaborate using maps as a common language.   Historically, organizations have integrated maps and spatial analytics with their business data using Geographical Information System (GIS) technology with powerful results. The expensive cost of custom integration, building datasets, and lack of technical knowledge has historically limited access to this type of capability.  This level of geographic mapping and data and map integration has been largely absent from Custom Off-the-Shelf business analytics solutions — until now.

Affordable Esri ArcGIS Location Analytics Extends the Capability of Existing Business Systems

Location Analytics - multi imageThe Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri) has developed ArcGIS which provides an affordable and user-friendly way to integrate location analytics to geoenable any business system to include SAP BusinessObjects, Cognos, Microstrategy and SharePoint with ready to use solutions and APIs.  The ArcGIS solution offers more than 1,500 demographic data variables including current-year estimates and five-year projections. Also provided is a national database, by industry, of approximately 11 million U.S. businesses which can be used to identify customers or competitors. Combining the ArcGIS solution’s data with data from your business system provides your organization with a more comprehensive view of your data that will identify patterns and relationships in geographical layers, resulting in more insightful decision making.

With Location Analytics you can map and analyze your data directly inside the products you use every day.  ArcGIS supports easy-to-use mapping and spatial analytics. These capabilities are complemented with a full library of geographic content for enrichment that makes Esri Maps simple to use and inexpensive, and users can immediately make maps of data contained in their business system.

Analyze Using MapsLocation Analytics - Maps

Discover patterns that graphs and charts won’t reveal. It’s easy. If you can create a chart, you can create a map.  Access a full range of spatial analytics from the simple to the scientific. Simply start by finding nearest drive-times or best routes to utilize for transportation and distribution. When you need it, progress to advanced analytics like geographically weighted regression.

Access Ready-to-Use Maps and Map Layers

Location Analytics - 3DArcGIS includes a living atlas of the world, with clear, authoritative maps on hundreds of topics, such as demographics, businesses, consumer lifestyles, and natural hazards. Combine these topics with your own data to answer questions you couldn’t answer before.


Use Across Your Organization

Quickly and securely share the maps you create across your business systems and devices. Deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

Location Analytics - Across Organization

Working with Us

As an Esri Silver Partner trained in implementing the ArcGIS software, cBEYONData can assist your organization to configure ArcGIS to work with your existing BI tools and your other business systems.

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