Data Analytics_7707605Visual analytics is a relatively new discipline combining automatic data analysis with visualization techniques, thus leveraging the strengths of both people and machine.  The machine sequentially processes large volumes of data and converts them into a visual format rendering a representation that people can perceive to understand quickly and efficiently. The user spends their time recognizing patterns and evaluating data. This makes it easier to make decisions quickly, often times focusing on multiple occurring anomalies or trends.

Visual Analysis Tools and Implementations Should Focus on Delivering:

  • Graphical representations of familiar “real-world” objects, being used to represent complex information.
  • Delivering information to users in a format that allows them to comprehend the data almost immediately without training.
  • Have embedded colors or pictures that “instinctively” alert the user.

How Do Organizations Benefit?
cBEYONData partners with technology companies that have spent thousands of man hours in the study and development of visualizations and techniques to deliver effective visualizations.  Working with customers to develop and determine metrics is the starting point.  Often, the hardest part is creating an output that allows the eye to absorb those huge amounts of data and find anomalies in a fraction of a second.  cBEYONData will assist you in those designs and outputs by working with you and our technology partners.